Thelwell - the man who drew ponies

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Introducing my new Thelwell screenprints: the first such editions ever produced.

Norman Thelwell, who died in 2004, was the unofficial chronicler of the British countryside, and became especially well known and loved for his drawings of little girls on pony-back and of members of the Pony Club. (Pony Club is an international youth organization devoted to educating young people about horses and riding. Pony Club organizations exist in over 30 countries worldwide.)

His first book was Angels On Horseback, published in 1957 (so the sixtieth anniversary of that is just coming up).

After that he published about 30 books and drew for publications such as the humourous magazine Punch and the Sunday Express.

According to his obituary in the Telegraph newspaper: “He created some of the most recognisable images in equine art with his cartoons of freckled girls being bounced along on their recalcitrant spherical ponies.”

He also produced thousands of drawings of dogs and cats, anglers and sailors, indeed pretty much every facet of British life and interests.

Now, in collaboration with Norman Thelwell’s son David who is himself an artist, I am working on a series of limited edition screenprints of Thelwell’s work.

The first screenprint is entitled: “A good all-rounder”. I have produced it in a medium format (48cms x 38cms) selling at £145 unframed or £185 framed.







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