Krazy Kat recognised as high art

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Krazy Kat is being celebrated at a prestigious art-gallery exhibition in Madrid.

The comic genius of Kat-creator George Herriman – creator of the influential US newspaper comic strip Krazy Kat – is examined with dozens of original strips and drawings.

The show, at the Reina Sofia, runs to several large rooms and runs through Herriman’s career, but focusses on Krazy Kat.

George Herriman drew the strip for US newspaper magnate Howard Hawks in the early decades of the 20th century and many other cartoonists and comic writers have cited him as an influence.

For example, the enigmatic backgrounds to many of his cartoons – perhaps depicting Navaho desert-scapes of southwestern US which Herriman was very fond of – reappear in many Popeye strips.

The show opened in October and runs until the end of February.


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