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Save 15% when you buy three prints
I hadn't realised so many cats and dogs inhabit my screenprints, until I checked just now.
Gnasher, of course, the black Abyssinian wire-haired tripe hound who is Dennis the Menace's faithful companion. I tend to think that he's made out of the same substance as Dennis's hair, an embodiment of their spirit of wildness and chaos. Dennis has been around since March 1951. Gnasher appeared in 1968, it turns out, which is much later than I would have guessed.
Krazy Kat - the artist's choice. As you can see from the four-panel example with yellow skies here, the influential character (drawn by George Herriman) was published in the early decades of the 1900s. Krazy is normally tormented by his much smarter sidekick Ignatz Mouse. Here he's baffled by a worm.
Thelwell's cats and dogs. Norman Thelwell's affection for animals is always apparent in his drawings. These ones – of a sly cat in repose and of an oversize and overenthusiastic dog – still make me smile.
Dogmatix: the small-but-fierce dog beloved of his large-and-lovable master Obelix. He often seems to be in a bit of a mood when drawn.
The Broons' pet dogs, here depicted as an "affectionate wee scunner".
And you save a handy 15% if you buy three of them together.
I look forward to hearing from you. John

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