Comic Art in The Sunday Times

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A photograph of my three-piece screenprint WOW recently featured in the Sunday Times, in an article about investing in art.

Journalist Alix O’Neill has bought one of the triptyches for her home. She has used it as an illustration for her page-lead piece about how to choose art.

The caption reads: “O’Neill at home with the triptych she bought for aesthetic as well as practical reasons. She hopes the piece, by John Patrick Reynolds, may also prove a good investment.”

Her story starts: “In the living room of our flat is a giant framed triptych of screen prints spelling the word “wow” in Beano lettering. It is divisive: some people find it garish; others admire its boldness. We bought it partly because it filled the space but mostly because we loved it. As with other artworks in our home, we never considered its investment potential. But we’re doing that now – and we’re not alone.”

The screenprints feature lettering culled from The Beano – they are each 76cms x 56cms, printed on cotton paper milled in Somerset. The set is £840 unframed.

The Beano © DCThomson & Co Ltd

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