Artist signs Biffo the Bear screenprints

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Veteran Beano artist David Sutherland has signed some screenprints of his work. Actually he signed them a few years ago but they have lain forgotten in my studio and now I am offering them for sale.
David Sutherland (born 1933) is an artist with Britain’s top comic publisher DC Thomson, and has worked on The Bash Street Kids since 1962 and Dennis the Menace between 1970–1998 and still does work for annuals.
He took over from Leo Baxendale as the artist for The Bash Street Kids and since then has been the strip’s main artist.
He has drawn more than two thousand strips for The Beano in total.
He also replaced Dudley D. Watkins on Biffo the Bear after his death in 1969, and continued to draw the character through the 1970s.
In 1977, Gnasher was given his own strip in the Beano, Gnasher’s Tale, which like the main Dennis strip was drawn by Sutherland. Similarly, when Dennis’s pet pig, Rasher, received his own page in 1984, Sutherland was again the strip’s artist, as he was when Gnasher’s Tale was replaced by Gnasher and Gnipper in 1986.
In 1998, Sutherland stopped drawing Dennis the Menace after 28 years, handing over to David Parkins, although he has continued to draw the Bash Street Kids since then.
He sometimes draws himself into strips, such as Biffo in the 2010 annual.
The first screenprints I am offering are two of Biffo the Bear watching the telly. The screenprints, 48cms x 38cms, are on sale for £175 unframed or £205 framed.
Email me at if you would like to buy one and I will provide you with bank details for you to transfer cash to my account.
John Reynolds

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